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…Projekt BELA REKA ( Bílá řeka) na vybudování duchovního centra a sanatoria v krásné přírodě nedaleko Bělehradu, pár stanic z centra města. nasednete na metro, přestoupíte a dostanete se do nádherné přírody, kde se zamýšlí nad projektem sanatoria. Srbsko Bělehrad hlavní město (Beograd)

VIDEO Představení projektu BELA REKA Duchovní centrum sanatorium

Fotografie z návštěvy Belehrad – pozemek Bela reka
JAK JSME HLEDALI SANATORIUM – Dnesni odpoledne, podvecer si Milos pripravil na me cloveka mestskeho bojovou hru Dojdi a uvidis.
Nejprve ze rpy pojedem metrem, no v podzemi ktere snad puvodne slouzilo jako valecny ukryt jel vlak z teze doby. To nas zavezlo daleko za mesto.
Autobus nam ujel, tak pesky do kopcu, to uz komentovat nebudu, nebot kdo bere ESKALATOR jako samozrejmost v Beograde a Srbsku by mel mit radost i z toho ze cesta je udusana hlina bez min.
A co bylo na konci? Podivejte kolem jako jsem koukal ja. Tady by pry mohlo byt SANATORIUM, no na me to jiste funguje uz ted…
PREZIL jsem vylet do minulosti. Slávek

TEXT video: Projekt Duchovní centrum Bela reka
White River Sanatorium Project
The general crisis that this world is currently going under, puts so much pressure on states such as Serbia , which was impoverished by wars and years of sanctions , but also the mentality of the people that has not learned to work hard. While mafia clans which act on behalf of various political parties‘ interests run this country, honest people find it difficult to live from their wages and their work. They often work illegally and without social benefits so they could earn slightly greater income. In an even more difficult position are those who their meager earnings spend on paying rents. It is tragic that in such an environment , and being faithful to God , and have shown remarkable success in various parts serving to the Lord’s work , mission offerings , keeping up healthy food clubs , or who are university trained in various duties , must most of the time be concerned only with their mere existence. Having relied on such a corrupt system for years, brilliant talents of faithful people who serve to God are being very poorly used to do God’s work.

Our ideais toredirecttheir workto themutualbenefit ofthe brothersand sisters, so thatthey arereducingtheir dependence onthe systemtoallowuse oftheir talentsfor the glory ofGod.

Ourproject for spiritualcenter, sanatoriumandsustainablesettlementthat will producehealthy foodandprovideother profitableservices will enablepeople who are faithfulto Godto unitein the Lord’swork,andto ensure theirexistencethroughusefulactivitiesforthe work of God. We planto use theirvariousgifts tounitein response to theneeds of the worldforthe knowledge ofGod.

Video shows and lectures published over the Internet are still the best way to introduce the truth to those in need, and perhaps eliminate the prejudices from those who refuse to take our books in their hands. Therefore, in this project we plan to make videos with people who are professionally trained in video animation and who make different video content.

Some of our books are translated from Serbian to English language and received a recommendation from the well-known Adventist scholars around the world. We are also planning to film some selected excerpts from those books.

Shows and lectures that we have made so far ​​have shown exceptional interest over the internet. One video which depicts Balkan’s mentality for instance, has been viewed over 38000 times.

But ourspiritual centerisnotrestricted onlyto workon a global scale, but also indirectcontact withindividuals who,because of theirdepressionandanxiety, are on the verge ofa mental illness, andwho thereforerequirepsychological, physical andspiritualrecoveryfrom the sanatorium.

PsychiatristDarkoStankovic, who will be in charge of the sanatorium, will place a special attentiontopeople withdepressionandanxietydifficulties, and make sure that nobody givesfalsepsychologicalcomfortthatmight make patients be moredependent onthe sanatorium, and not seek help from the greatest doctor of all – our Lord, and thatduring their stayin the sanatoriumrest theirsoulfrom the stressandmeet God.

In one lecture held at the Adventist church, he asserts that sedatives should be taken only when they will help the person to control her will, but he is criticizing their misuse when a person is taking them so he would not seek help from God and his unpleasant confrontation with his own guilt at the eyes of God, which is the true meaning of a spiritual battle.

What would happen if the father of faith Jakob, took a sedative when he had to confront his brother whom he betrayed? Instead of sedative, a man has to solve his or her probelm with God, instead of abusing his conscious with sedatives.

Then, dr Darko Stankovic is explaining as the most common cause of depression is thwarted selfishness. Psychologists,instead of helping patients to give up their selfish expectations that make them depressed, they focuse on removing unpleasant consequences of sin, rather than the sin itself.

The purpose of theeight-point “new start” program, as well asthe work of the psychiatrists who will be workingwith patients on theirpsychological and physicalrecoveryof their personality, which also includes recoveryof the way these people are reasoning, so that patientscould understandthe truth, and also renew theirwillso they could be ableto defeat theirtemptationsafter their physical and mentalrecovery when they leave thesanatorium and return to theirstressfulenvironment.

A certainnumber of bedsin a separatebuildingwould bereservedforbrothers and sisterswho wantto come and recover from their psychological and physical burdens from period of threeto sevendays.

With God’shelp,the entireworkcan befulfilledthrough thebrothersand sisterswhoareendowed withvariousgifts, whichthe need of God’s workunited them around this project. On the videowe seethe familyGagićwhomthe Lordhas rewarded them withspecialgifts.JadrankaGagićis famous instructorin various health clubs, while her husband is endowed with an organizing abilities.

In the footage we see publicist Milos Bogdanovic through which the Lord has brought more than 50 friends in the community who have been baptized, and who is in charge of this project for spiritual work.

In order to enable conditions for faithful people to use their gifts for the needs of this work, it is necessary to build a sanitarium, a church with auditorium where lectures would be held, 16 houses for the families of the employees who will work in the project and a special home with bedrooms for the guests. In addition, the project includes studio for recording video broadcasts, as well as additional facilities for self containing and profitable activities, as well as a pastry shop, a workshop for repairing medical devices as well as making new diagnostic devices, etc. The project after a period of time will be able to spread and increase the number of employees.

In order forthe recoveryof the patientsto beeffective, the sanatoriumislocatedin the countrysidenear Belgrade, on the hillŠevarnikbythe WhiteRiver. Althoughrelativelyclose, only16.5kmfromSlavia, it seems like it is at the popular mountain of Zlatibor.From themetro stationVuk’smonumentin Belgradeto the train stop“White River“, this stopcan be reachedin just36minutesduring the dayand34minutesat night, by train. The nearbyrailwaystation “ WhiteRiver“is situated in the valleybelow the hill, away from the property straight400meters, and physicallyprotected by theheightof the hillthatisabout 100meters higherthan the surroundingland. Nearby is the lake called WhiteRiver.

Ellen White with the following wordsdescribes the blessing of such a nature:
If the poor now crowded into the cities could find homes upon the land, they might not only earn a livelihood, but find health and happiness now unknown to them. Hard work, simple fare, close economy, often hardship and privation, would be their lot. But what a blessing would be theirs in leaving the city, with its enticements to evil, its turmoil and crime, misery and foulness, for the country’s quiet and peace and purity.

To many of those living in the cities who have not a spot of green grass to set their feet upon, who year after year have looked out upon filthy courts and narrow alleys, brick walls and pavements, and skies clouded with dust and smoke,–if these could be taken to some farming district, surrounded with the green fields, the woods and hills and brooks, the clear skies and the fresh, pure air of the country, it would seem almost like heaven.

Cut off to a great degree from contact with and dependence upon men, and separated from the world’s corrupting maxims and customs and excitements, they would come nearer to the heart of nature. God’s presence would be more real to them. Many would learn the lesson of dependence upon Him. Through nature they would hear His voice speaking to their hearts of His peace and love, and mind and soul and body would respond to the healing, life-giving power. — The Ministry of Healing, pp. 190-192. (1905)

The property, with a total surface area of ​​around6and 7hundredacresisencircledon three sides bystateforest.The forest iscriss-crossedby streams of several riverbeds.Videois aHajdučkistream thatbypasses thehillon which theproperty.

The Surface of the propertyalongwith the surroundingforest whichwill be available toguestsof the sanatoriumis more than3square kilometers. The thermal waterat a depth of80 meterswill be fora spatreatment benefits, and will alsosolve theproblemof heatingthe sanatoriumand the settlements. The beautyof natureis indeed a recommendationfor a variety ofseminarsand artcolony to be held, with appropriatespiritualrepertoire.

Costof the entire project, depending on the qualityof workis between400.000and 800.000 euros.

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projekat bela reka

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